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Car rental in Moscow from Sanaev Moscow

We work more than 14 years
We have more than 234 cars
More than 7000 satisfied customers

About us

The Sanaev Moscow project is known in Moscow among ordinary people and representatives of the elite. This service can be useful in any life situations.

Our first order was completed in 2009. Since then, our business has been going uphill. The focus is on the organization of enchanting holidays in Moscow and the Moscow region. We hold weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, graduations and other celebrations.

We are preparing incredible dates for people in love and fabulous performances of animators for children. Meeting with our artists is a real breath of air in a bustling metropolis. If you dream of organizing a special holiday that your guests will remember with admiration, you are welcome.

We will select the best restaurant in the capital for you, find an open area outside the city or come up with an extraordinary vacation in extreme conditions. We do the impossible – we bring to life any whim, and at the same time it always turns out to be better than you dreamed about it. We cooperate with the best clubs, artists, DJs, pop stars. Just say the word – and your holiday will be organized according to the highest level!

Always yours, Ilya Sanaev


Sanaev Moscow companies

Today we can`t live without a car. Especially to appear in public at special moments of your life on an average car. In the Sanaev Moscow company you can arrange car rental in Moscow for several hours or even days.

We have an extensive fleet of LUXURY cars, sports cars and convertibles, as if descended from the pages of a popular gloss. It is on such cars that the world stars of show business, popular politicians and prominent figures have always ridden.

Today, luxury live is available to our customers. The catalog includes premium sedans, retro, convertibles, sports cars, SUVs, limousines, minivans and minibuses. There are offers for every taste and purse. It is available to rent a car in Moscow with a driver and departure without a driver.

Contact us or come personally to choose the car of your dreams for rent. We offer weddings, accompanying businessmen to meetings, servicing mass events with the delivery of invited guests. We have professionals working for us!



For a wedding ceremony or other equally memorable event, a luxury convertible rental service in Moscow is perfect, which will give its owner the opportunity to ride a magnificent open-top car. A photo shoot in a convertible will certainly be memorable!


Sports cars

For fans of drive, fast driving, the latest technical developments in a coupe with comfort, the service of renting sports cars in Moscow is perfect. Stylish cars with hundreds of horses under the hood are always ready to take the customer to the right address with a breeze!

Sports cars
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