Rent a retro car with a driver in Moscow

Body Type

Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO
6 000 ₽/Hr
Rolls-Royce Phantom V Rolls-Royce Phantom V Rolls-Royce Phantom V Rolls-Royce Phantom V Rolls-Royce Phantom V Rolls-Royce Phantom V
10 000 ₽/Hr
Volga Cabrio Volga Cabrio Volga Cabrio Volga Cabrio Volga Cabrio Volga Cabrio
5 000 ₽/Hr

Order rental of American classics for video shoots, exhibitions and weddings in Moscow

Retro car rental in Moscow

All automobile concerns produce dozens and even hundreds of new cars, each of which is better than the previous one. Improved technical characteristics, a lot of options on the control panel, one interior is more attractive than the other. Vintage cars occupy a special niche due to their uniqueness and uniqueness of the appearance of the last century. They are collectibles. These are the symbols of the epoch, whose age is estimated in tens of years. It is problematic to buy such a copy with your hands – its price is too high. Such cars have been discontinued, they have not been on sale for a long time. An advantageous solution is to rent an elegant retro car you like from us.

In addition, you can order professional videographers, photographers, screenwriters and presenters who are able to organize your celebration at the highest level anywhere.

Why choose us?

The atmosphere of antiquity, into which the passenger plunges, makes him involved in something majestic and extraordinary. Allow yourself to satisfy your need for an old vintage, find out what Moscow was like, which our ancestors saw. The impression is reinforced by the awareness of the fact that a limited number of such copies have been preserved and there is simply no second such vehicle on which your colleague or friend will arrive. Stay unique with Sanaev Moscow!

Our advantages
Client orientation
Client orientation

We are always happy to advise customers on all the nuances, to clarify the terms and cost of the order. We will also take into account all the nuances, try to implement unusual ideas.

Company's work experience since 2009
Company's work experience since 2009

We are recommended to friends by hundreds of satisfied customers, as the quality of the services we provide is always at the highest level, which is confirmed by reviews on the Internet


Retro cars are always prepared and served exactly on time by polite drivers

Perfect condition
Perfect condition

Despite the fact that the vehicle is many years old, it looks great, because it has been completely restored.

We always approach the provision of rental vehicles responsibly and creatively. All the wishes of the customer are fulfilled in full. Depending on the upcoming event, a certain entourage is created. A team of experienced specialists works smoothly on each order, taking into account the dynamism of modern life.

You need to submit a car with a share of pathos to the place of marriage – it's easy! A well–thought-out original route through the sights of the capital is required - we will do it! You need a smart limousine to shoot a bright short promotional video or a movie – and it's in our power!

Vintage car rental with driver

Retro cars are always technically complex vehicles, so they are provided only with a professional driver. Cars are particularly demanding of driving style, it is worth considering their considerable age. Our employees are punctual, neatly dressed, competent, pleasant, professional and can help on the spot when organizing photography, video filming, clips and movies.

Rental is relevant in the following cases:

For spectacular wedding ceremonies that take place with a special chic or stylized for a specific thematic retrospective.
renting a car will allow you to shoot an original video clip or will be a great chance to stand out from the crowd. Take a ride with the breeze on an unsurpassed car and feel like the chosen one.
a businessman who conducts business negotiations even on the road is not very convenient to turn the steering wheel at the same time, look at the road, talk on the phone or make a report on a laptop and wants to come beautifully to the place of an important meeting.
We offer to take an unusual motor transport for temporary use and you will easily realize all your desires. Our employee will provide comfort on the way and will do everything necessary to ensure that the schedule of your trip is observed in the smallest detail.

Rent a rare car for a wedding in Moscow

The wedding is a responsible event, in the organization of which we will be happy to participate. Renting a car for a wedding ceremony, including a festive photo shoot, is a great idea for adherents of a traditional holiday.

You will take a ride through memorable places where there is an opportunity to take unique photos that will remain in memory of a happy day for the newlyweds for a long time to all the relatives of the bride and groom. A legendary rarity, for example, a Cadillac, a white Excalibur, a black WINTER 12 or a Seagull, will perfectly fit into the wedding motorcade and none of the invited guests will remain indifferent.

In our fleet there are also buses from Volkswagen, called "Hippie Bus" or VW Camper T1, T2 minibus, Soviet automobile industry, American classics, rare Pontiac Firebird, white sedan and Excalibur Phantom limousine. All specimens have retained their original appearance almost completely, having a great age and hundreds of kilometers of mileage. Car rental is a real art, which our company approaches creatively. Our regular customers know how scrupulous we are about servicing cars and limousines, keeping them in their original form so that you get unforgettable emotions and atmospheric effect during the trip.

Popular domestic (USSR) retro cars

  • GAZ-13 Chaika (1961, different colors),
  • GAZ-21 (1964),
  • GAZ-14, (1986, 6 months)
  • GAZ M-12 (beige, 4 seats),
  • ZIM-12 (1956, presented in two colors),
  • VAZ 2101 (3 seats)
  • GAZ M-20 (brown, 4 seats)
  • ZAZ (1946)
  • Volga replica (Chrysler) Cabrio (3 seats, white body and interior)

Foreign retro cars

  • Lincoln Continental (5 seats)
  • Lincoln Continental (grey)
  • Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and cloud (4 seats)
  • Chevrolet Impala (two doors, four seats)
  • Chevrolet Corvette (Corvette) (black, 2 seats)
  • Packard (4 seats)
  • Fleetwood (Fleetwood) (5 seats)
  • Bentley (4 seats)
  • Excalibur (Excalibur limousine, 9 seats)
  • Excalibur (white and pink limousine)
  • The price starts from 4,000 rubles / hour (from 4+ 1), where 4 hours of rent and 1 hour of delivery. On Saturday from 5 o'clock.*
  • *order on the website

Order a rental of an American retro convertible

A convertible is a very stylish car, it is ideal for decorating a luxurious and themed photo zone or for lovers of a combination of classics and wind in their hair! Renting a Cadillac De Ville or El Dorado (pink) will be the perfect solution for a wedding, hen party, bachelor party, anniversary, anniversary, romantic date, transfer, sightseeing, walking around the city with a visit to memorable places or just as a prop for a movie, exclusive photo and video shooting.

On the road, a respectable car stands out spectacularly among ordinary city sedans, so you will definitely not be left without attention. Our catalog contains popular manufacturers. On the website, you can choose the make, model, color and body type, and to place an order, leave a request, call back or contact our managers (at the top and bottom of each page and in the "contacts" section there is a phone number and communication via messenger). He will answer all your questions, orient you on free dates, the price of the order, and also help you choose the best car for the event and book it for a day convenient for you.