Car rental for shooting in Moscow


Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO
6 000 ₽/Hr
Ford Mustang (blue) Ford Mustang (blue) Ford Mustang (blue) Ford Mustang (blue) Ford Mustang (blue) Ford Mustang (blue)
3 000 ₽/Hr

The imagination of a creative person is not limited, but sometimes there are not enough props to implement any ideas for a photo. It is especially difficult to choose a transport for the implementation of a particular idea. Renting a car for shooting or a photo shoot is a great solution for bringing all your creative impulses to life, because our fleet is very rich, so choosing a car for shooting will not be a tedious process, but a pleasant one. We will help you organize a thematic photo shoot or shooting a clip taking into account all your wishes. We can safely say that we are ready to offer almost any car from luxury brands, sports cars and convertibles to unsurpassed atmospheric retro cars and even hippie bass.

Cars for filming in movies (movies)

A car for filming in a movie should look perfect, because often filming movies or commercials in which a car is present involves it from all possible sides, both inside and outside. You should also know that when shooting a movie, there is such a thing as a "shooting day" that lasts 8 hours, this should be taken into account when booking a rental car for filming. Filming a movie may also include specific requests for car rental, for example, a police car, a traffic police car, an ambulance or a yellow taxi will be needed in the frame, we are ready for non-standard requests and will pick up the car you need without any problems.

Our advantages
The wealth of choice
The wealth of choice

Our fleet is very rich in its diversity, we will help you choose the perfect car for any shooting!

Technical and external condition of cars
Technical and external condition of cars

Our cars are regularly inspected, they are replaced with new parts in due time. So you don't have to worry about the technical condition.


Having rented a car from us, you don't have to worry that it will be the wrong color or arrive at the wrong time. Punctuality is one of the main advantages of our company.


Our company was founded in 2009, we are recommended to friends by hundreds of satisfied customers, as the quality of services we provide is always at the highest level.

Rental of special vehicles for filming

Our company provides a large selection of diverse and realistic special vehicles for rent. Some cars (for example, an ambulance) are similar to the real ones and are used constantly in movies. All the most popular special purpose models are available, including police cars, TFR, traffic police, fire service and even a paddy wagon.

In addition to the game transport, which serves exclusively as a prop on the set, we offer movie transport for rent. It is designed for the movement of the working group, the placement of actors, the formation of dressing rooms and costume rooms. There is also the possibility of renting emergency vehicles, whose duty on the set is mandatory.

Order cars for filming in Moscow

To order a car rental, contact our operator, he will orient you on free dates, and also help you choose the perfect car for the event at your request.