Rent a Mercedes W222 with a driver

Body Type

Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach
5 000 ₽/Hr
Mercedes-Maybach w222 Mercedes-Maybach w222 Mercedes-Maybach w222 Mercedes-Maybach w222 Mercedes-Maybach w222 Mercedes-Maybach w222
10 000 ₽/Hr

    Mercedes-Benz w222 rental in Moscow

    The Mercedes car does not need advertising, because it is the standard of the German concern, which vehicle manufacturers all over the world are equal to. The W222 brand combines high functionality and aesthetic design. The leather interior with wooden trim looks luxurious, as if hinting at the high status of the passenger or owner. High-speed driving on domestic roads is not a hindrance to comfort. Thanks to innovations, the slightest irregularities of the roadway remain unnoticed. Mercedes is about stability, reliability and safety.

    Rent a Mercedes w222 with a driver for a wedding

    There are situations when a personal car is not at hand (broken or missing), but at the same time you urgently need to go to a business meeting, a solemn event and even a date. The Sanaev Moscow company will come to the rescue, which offers Mercedes S class rental on favorable terms.

    Renting a personal car with a driver has become fashionable for a reason. This is a comfortable and high-quality service that we are ready to provide at any time of the day. The car is delivered to the specified address, the hassle of finding a parking place is completely under our control. The cost of renting a Mercedes 222 with a driver is available to everyone, it is not high in comparison with the convenience during the trip.

    Professional drivers work in our staff:

    • they are well oriented on the terrain;
    • have solid driving experience;
    • they know and follow the rules of the road;
    • they create optimal conditions for the trip, are able to maintain a conversation with the passenger so that he would not be bored when traveling long distances.

    Our clients are satisfied with renting a Mercedes 222 with a driver, because this removes any responsibility from them on the way. They are not required to study technical nuances and be able to drive a car. Ordering transport for a wedding or under a taxi with a competent specialist at the wheel will allow you to fully relax and not think about the level of sobriety or the risk of being stopped by an inspector with a fine.

    Our advantages

    The car is served at exactly the specified time, you will not be late for a business dinner or a wedding ceremony.


    Mercedes W222 rental is available at any time, regardless of the schedule of holidays and weekends (on the contrary, at this time our services are more in demand).


    We are constantly replenishing the fleet with new cars and looking after the technical condition of the existing ones!


    The cost of renting a Mercedes 222 is available to a client with any financial situation, our manager will help you choose a car option depending on the number of passengers, the purpose of the trip and the personal preferences of the customer!

    Mercedes S-Class 222 rental is an opportunity to concentrate on the purpose of the trip, the panoramic view outside the window, personal comfort in a presentable cabin. It is profitable and convenient to work with us!