Rent a Jaguar with a driver

Body Type

Rent a Jaguar with a driver: minimum order 3+1 (an hour of delivery in Moscow)
Rent a Jaguar without a driver:the minimum order is 1 day. The deposit is from 50 thousand rubles, the supply / pick-up of cars is 3 thousand rubles.

Jaguar XF 2015 Jaguar XF 2015 Jaguar XF 2015 Jaguar XF 2015 Jaguar XF 2015
2 000 ₽/Hr
Jaguar XJ Long Jaguar XJ Long Jaguar XJ Long Jaguar XJ Long Jaguar XJ Long Jaguar XJ Long
3 500 ₽/Hr
Jaguar XJ (black) Jaguar XJ (black) Jaguar XJ (black) Jaguar XJ (black)
2 500 ₽/Hr
Jaguar XKR Jaguar XKR Jaguar XKR Jaguar XKR Jaguar XKR Jaguar XKR
4 000 ₽/Hr

    Rent a Jaguar for a wedding

    Jaguar is a premium segment car brand that focuses on respectability and luxury. Stylish appearance and engine power, ergonomic leather interior are the advantages of the car, which is especially appreciated in the world of business people. Comfort during the trip is provided, no pit or unevenness of the roadway will disturb the peace of passengers. This brand is chosen for business trips, traveling around the city as part of a business trip, when you need to emphasize the high status of a business partner. Jaguar is in demand when organizing a wedding ceremony and other high-level celebrations.

    Advantages of renting a car in the company

    Using transport in Moscow will not be a problem if you are a client of our company. Renting a Jaguar XJ, XF, XK, f type with us has a lot of advantages:

    Our advantages

    Delivery of a car to the address at a strictly agreed time with the client!


    All vehicles in our fleet are checked for serviceability, which allows us to guarantee the absolute safety of our guests!


    You can choose any car model, focusing on your taste and personal preferences.


    All cars are as new, cleaning events inside and outside are held regularly – nothing can spoil the impression.

    Jaguar rental with a driver is a profitable and affordable service. You do not need to worry about knowing the technical nuances, have a driver's license with you and look for a parking place. Highly qualified specialists guarantee safety while driving, they have the appropriate experience and professionalism in order to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Our drivers are free to navigate the intertwining streets of the metropolis, so they will deliver you to a business meeting or an official event in a timely manner.

    Sanaev Moscow are real professionals in the niche of executive car rental. We will help you create a unique image, focusing on details. Call and find out which vehicles are available at this minute!