Rent a SUV for a wedding


Mercedes G63 AMG Mercedes G63 AMG Mercedes G63 AMG Mercedes G63 AMG Mercedes G63 AMG Mercedes G63 AMG
59 000 ₽/Per day | 7 000 ₽/Hr
Maserati Levante Maserati Levante Maserati Levante Maserati Levante Maserati Levante Maserati Levante
from 3 500 ₽/h
BMW X5 F15 BMW X5 F15 BMW X5 F15 BMW X5 F15 BMW X5 F15 BMW X5 F15
3 500 ₽/Hr
Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X
10 000 ₽/Hr | 40 000 ₽/d

Jeeps are cars with a special character. They are chosen by brutal strong-willed men who can become real masters of life. With us you can order the rental of such a car in order to raise the status of the event, impress others, emphasize your impeccable taste and not depend on the availability of places.

The crossover is organic in the traffic flow of a city street, reliable on a high-speed highway, stable on the descents and ascents of country roads covered with gravel. It is worth ordering for various reasons to get to any places:

  • field holiday;
  • corporate trips;
  • meeting at the airport, at the railway station;
  • escort of tuples;
  • field trip. 

Fishing, hunting, picnicking and other trips outside the city in such transport will be comfortable and pleasant. If you order a rental car with a professional at the wheel, you will not have to think about the route, traffic jams, parking and how to get to the place of rest.

Rent an SUV with a driver

Our company offers to order an all-terrain car rental, which overcomes off-road, drives calmly on roads of any category. When a professional is driving, you don't have to navigate the intricacies of Moscow streets.

It is worth ordering a solid and maneuverable transport for infrequent visits to Moscow. It is quite expensive to maintain cars of this class, so renting allows you to save money, time and nerves. Give control to our specialist, and you just sit in a comfortable passenger seat, go about your business or relax. Mines.the order is 4 hours plus 1 hour of delivery.

Rent a jeep for a wedding

On the day of the wedding, it is important that everything goes perfectly, so you will have to book a transport rental in advance.

The classic option is to order a white Cadillac or Infiniti limousine, Audi or Lincoln, Chrysler or Excalibur Phantom. The most popular is the Hummer H2 limousine jeep (up to 32 seats). If there are a lot of invited guests, it is worth ordering minibuses or buses for passengers so that the guests get to the place at the same time as the newlyweds. When a limousine accompanies a motorcade of Mercedes cars in white or another color, it will be remembered for a long time by all participants of the holiday, casual passers-by. If you decide to order a white limousine, then it is worth remembering that due to limited maneuverability and low cross-country ability, it is not suitable for on-site marriage registration.

Rent with a driver, especially taking into account the availability of the place of the ceremony, will give a feeling of a special and unique holiday atmosphere.

Do you want to make the arrival of the newlyweds original? Choose mainly a black Mercedes Maybach or Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which will contrast vividly with the bride's white dress. An extraordinary solution will be very practical for young people if the place of celebration is outside the city.

It is worth renting an impressive Mercedes car with a spacious leather interior, stylish interior and climate control system. There is enough space in the bulky trunk for gifts, bags, suitcases, equipment for photo and video shooting. This is very convenient if the young people are planning to go to a country hotel or a honeymoon right after the celebration.

Ordering a car rental is profitable due to:

  • increased cross-country ability;
  • spacious spacious salon (5-7 seats);
  • high ground clearance (ground clearance) to safely overcome obstacles;
  • a comfortable temperature in all seasons;
  • reliable protection from rain, snow;
  • individual seat belt.

When an experienced driver of our company is driving, you don't have to worry about choosing the shortest way to a certain place, even in such a huge metropolis as Moscow. Whatever places you choose for a wedding photo shoot, the driver will deliver you on time. In addition, our employee will provide a transfer to the airport, railway station, meet and bring your relatives and friends to the place.

Our advantages
Professionalism and responsibility
Professionalism and responsibility

We employ specialists with good experience of accident-free driving. They are always competent, polite, neatly dressed, for which satisfied customers leave excellent reviews.


Strictly adheres to the agreed schedule and guarantees arrival at the boarding point in advance.

Big choice
Big choice

We offer different options for up to six seats so that you can choose and order the most attractive one for you. All vehicles are in excellent technical condition, clean outside and inside.

Individual approach
Individual approach

Each client is accompanied by a personal manager from the moment he received the call until all obligations under the contract are fulfilled.

How to order a jeep

To choose a brand and order a suitable vehicle for rent, use filters, sorting, and an application form on the website. Several channels are provided for communication with the dispatcher: telephone number, e-mail (e-mail), communication in messengers.

The company's manager will answer all your questions, help you make a reservation for an SUV, sedan or other motor transport, tell you more about available dates, go to the place in difficult cases. You can find out the full cost of the order from him, which depends on several factors, including the time of use. The cost per hour in high season (April-October) is higher, because many people try to order cars a few months before the event. We accept cash payments at the office or remotely.