Rent a Bentley with a driver


Bentley Flying Spur Bentley Flying Spur Bentley Flying Spur Bentley Flying Spur Bentley Flying Spur Bentley Flying Spur
3 000 ₽/Hr
Bentley (white) Bentley (white) Bentley (white) Bentley (white) Bentley (white) Bentley (white)
2 500 ₽/Hr
Bentley (black) Bentley (black) Bentley (black) Bentley (black)
3 500 ₽/Hr

    A prestigious car like nothing else emphasizes the high status of a passenger. Therefore, serious businessmen, famous personalities choose Bentley Continental for trips. In our company, thanks to the rental service, this is your opportunity to truly experience the royal luxury of Bentley cars. If you have ever driven in a respectable British car, you will never forget the vivid sensations.

    The Bentley's body color fully reflects the conservatism of the British. The car is practical, has a classic elegant esterere, strict headlight framing and a trunk shape characteristic of the model range. There is nothing superfluous in this transport, but it is easy to recognize it among other vehicles.

    Rent a Bentley with a driver in Moscow

    When choosing a car rental in Moscow, evaluate the main advantages of the Bentley. The extremely comfortable cabin allows the passenger to forget that he is on the way. The seats are comfortable, very soft and well equipped with electronics. The adjustment of the seat and headrest helps to relieve the load from the back on a long business trip, and the ergonomic armrest allows you to sit comfortably.

    The elite car of the executive class is characterized by smooth running and high power, but without a touch of aggressiveness. This is confirmed by customer reviews. There are no imperfections of the roadway in the form of holes and bumps during the trip. The interior of the cabin is finished with genuine leather and wood. Excellent sound insulation contributes to maximum relaxation.

    Walking through the streets of Moscow in your own respectable car will appeal to many, but not everyone can afford it. Our company offers luxury car rental at a bargain price starting from 3,000 rubles per hour.

    Our advantages
    Safety and professionalism
    Safety and professionalism

    Experienced professionals will not take risks in vain, they always strictly follow the rules of the road. They receive positive feedback for the impeccable condition of transport, skillful management, comfort, responsibility, courtesy and courtesy.

    Cars of different classes
    Cars of different classes

    Our company has for rent cars BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Maybach, Audi, Infiniti, Lexus, Cadillac, Range Rover, Excalibur, Hummer, Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai or other brand on any day of the week.

    Punctuality – customers always arrive on time
    Punctuality – customers always arrive on time

    We are perfectly oriented in the city, any route is built in an ideal way so that the customer is delivered by the appointed time.

    Car rental is arranged profitably
    Car rental is arranged profitably

    The cost of the order is indicated on the website so that you can immediately estimate how much the rent will cost.

    Min. order from 3+1 (3 hours of riding, +1 submission) from 3,000 rubles/per hour

    Rent a Bentley for a wedding

    A spectacular appearance at the wedding in the registry office is the dream of all newlyweds. A stylish Bentley Continental rented for the event will become a decoration of the wedding cortege, will allow you to stand out from the traffic flow in Moscow, leave unforgettable impressions for the guests of an exciting holiday. Choosing a respectable–looking car will increase the status of the newlyweds, so renting cars or limousines for the main celebration for young people is the best solution. The appearance of the bride and groom from a fashionable car will make a stunning impression on those present. Such a background is a great idea for a wedding photo shoot in memorable places of the capital.

    Call us and our manager will answer the call in more detail by phone or via messenger. You can send an e-mail to ask your questions, submit an application and book a car rental in advance, rent minivans, buses or sedans for transfer. The cleanliness of the body and interior is ensured by washing before sending the car to the specified location.