Body Type

Stock 2 hours of riding around the center in a convertible with a driver – from 7,500 rubles.

Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213
2 500 ₽/Hr
Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach
5 000 ₽/Hr

Our company offers cars for a variety of occasions: from a wedding and discharge from the hospital to a romantic date or business trip. You can choose a car on our website in the catalog by ticking the desired option in the drop-down list. You need to choose from a large list, starting with convertibles, SUVs, limousines and including motorcycles and yachts. Our special pride is the rental of rare and premium cars. There are more than 200 unique cars in our fleet.

If you want to drive a car yourself, then you only need to choose the type of rental "Without a driver". You choose a model, provide only 2 documents (passport, driver's license), pay the rent, and your wish will come true.

There are many situations when it is more convenient to rent a car with a driver. For example, you will meet a delegation, participate in a wedding ceremony as a groom or guest, have fun with friends at the graduation party. This type of rental is convenient if you do not know the city or do not want to spend a lot of time traveling by public transport. To arrange the service, it is enough to present your passport, pay the rent, agree on the time and place where the car will be waiting for you. We also work with legal entities.

Additionally, you can order a buffet, photo and video shooting. The full list is available in the "Services" section.

Our prices are among the most favorable in Moscow, and taking into account discounts and regular promotions, you can save well on rent.