Tesla for rent in Moscow


Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X Tesla X
10 000 ₽/Hr | 40 000 ₽/d
Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y
25 000 ₽/d | 6 000 ₽/Hr
Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3
20 000 ₽/d | 5 000 ₽/Hr

    Rent a Tesla in Moscow with a driver

    A business trip, a wedding or another solemn event are cases in which you cannot do without presentable transport. Sanaev Moscow company offers Tesla rental in Moscow, with us you will feel self-confidence. This car is an electric car, it is charged from the mains and does not pollute the environment. The popularity of such cars is growing every day, and we guarantee an unforgettable trip experience.

    What does Tesla rental give? A real thrill, even if the customer is in the passenger seat. The salon is made of expensive materials, its subtle aroma is palpable and pleasant. And if you order a Tesla Model X, Y, 3 electric car rental service with a driver, you can close your eyes and immerse yourself in dreams during a comfortable trip.

    Our advantages
    Goodl prices
    Goodl prices

    Renting a Tesla Model 3,Y and X car is an opportunity to save money and impress business partners.

    We are going in any direction
    We are going in any direction

    If the route needs to be adjusted during the trip, we will adapt it to the needs of the customer.

    Professional service
    Professional service

    An experienced driver saves your time by avoiding long traffic jams and navigating city highways well.

    You can rent a car from us at any time – 3 hours, a day, several days. The client signs a contract that specifies all the nuances of the transaction.

    Tesla rental in Moscow

    If you decide to order a Tesla Model X, Y or 3 car for a wedding, let us know in advance. This SUV is maneuverable, easily walks on the roadbed and passes through winding terrain without any problems. It has become even easier to make memorable photos in nature, outside the city, in any remote corner.

    When ordering from us, you can count on providing a fully refueled car with a spotlessly clean interior. Inform the manager of the purpose of the trip and the required rental time, he will select the appropriate option.