The Mercedes S-Class is a luxury sedan that measures everyone else. In the guise of the sixth generation of the W222 series, this car was designed to be more affordable to operate and even smarter to use, but its real strengths remained comfort and sophistication. Under the hood, since the launch in 2013, buyers have received the widest and most technologically advanced choice of engines in the luxury segment with three types of hybrid powerplants complementing conventional gasoline and diesel options. Fully LED lighting technology and futuristic suspension completed the groundbreaking package.

The Mercedes 222 has a larger grille at the front than the previous model, the air intakes are more noticeable, and the design of modern LED headlights and the way to control the airflow is much more detailed. All this indicates an optimally coordinated care for everything that you do not see, for example, for a smooth, windproof and much more rigid body frame, half of which is made of lightweight aluminum.

The rear window cuts into the rear pillars, and the taillights are completely covered by the car body. Like the headlights, these are fully LED lamps, because back in 2013 this car was the first in the world that did not have a single bulb inside and outside. These taillights are illuminated by 35 LEDs, 56 of them are used in the headlights and about 300 are scattered around the cabin. In the Mercedes S class, indeed, the lighting of the 21st century.