Rent a BMW Z4 roadster without a driver

Body Type

BMW Z4 E85/E86 BMW Z4 E85/E86 BMW Z4 E85/E86 BMW Z4 E85/E86 BMW Z4 E85/E86
10 000 ₽/d
BMW Z4 G29 BMW Z4 G29 BMW Z4 G29 BMW Z4 G29
22 000 ₽/d
BMW Z4 (white) BMW Z4 (white) BMW Z4 (white) BMW Z4 (white)
15 000 ₽/d

    A luxury convertible is just a magnet for views on the road, but not everyone has the opportunity to purchase it, the ideal solution would be to rent a BMW z4 Roadster for a walk, photo shoot, romantic date or wedding. Behind the wheel of this handsome man, the surrounding world plays with new colors, adding confidence, chic and gloss.

    BMW Z4 Roadster convertible rental in Moscow

    The stylish design is a clear embodiment of the sporty character of the car in the impeccable classics of BMW cars, in addition to the design, the reliability and safety of the convertible should be noted, it is equipped with two front and two side airbags, a reinforced windshield frame, as well as a highly efficient braking system.

    Our advantages

    By ordering a car from us, you don't have to worry that it will be the wrong color or arrive at the wrong time. Punctuality is one of the main advantages of the company "Sanaev Moscow".

    Work experience
    Work experience

    The company "Sanaev Moscow" was founded in 2009, we are recommended to friends by hundreds of satisfied customers, as the quality of services we provide is always at the highest level.

    The wealth of choice
    The wealth of choice

    Our fleet is very rich in its diversity, we will help you choose the perfect car for any occasion!

    Technical condition of cars
    Technical condition of cars

    Our cars regularly undergo a technical inspection procedure, as well as the replacement of old parts with new ones. Therefore, having rented a car, you can not worry about its technical condition.

    To order a car rental, contact our operator, he will orient you on free dates, and also help you choose the perfect car for the event at your request.