Sports car rental

Body Type

Min. zakaz 1 shot, bet 30,000 rub., submit / pick up a car 3 000 rub.

Dodge Challenger Dodge Challenger Dodge Challenger Dodge Challenger Dodge Challenger Dodge Challenger
22 000 ₽/d
Nissan GTR Nissan GTR Nissan GTR Nissan GTR
35 000 ₽/d
Ferrari California Ferrari California Ferrari California Ferrari California Ferrari California Ferrari California
50 000 ₽/d

Our company rents sports cars of famous brands. Luxury is combined with power and speed in premium sports cars. More than one hundred horses are hidden under the hood of the car. You should book a car rental in Moscow to feel like the master of a powerful and at the same time elegant car, for example, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz or Nissan.

Unlike premium sedans, an expensive sports car is not so conservative. His modern, slightly aggressive appearance arouses interest among active young people.

Cars are popular among customers due to the use of the highest technologies, innovative materials, original design solutions and the best achievements of the automotive industry. Cars stand out favorably in the traffic flow on the streets of Moscow, so you can order a rental to spend time in a luxury car.

Sports car rental with driver

You can order a car rental with a driver from us. At the same time, you do not have to think about traffic jams, parking lots. You will be able to sit comfortably in a comfortable chair in a stylish salon and enjoy a trip around Moscow. Our drivers masterfully drive a high-speed car in any situation. Renting a Porsche with a driver is suitable for different events.

The arrival of the groom in an elite car will surprise and be remembered for a long time by the participants of the bachelor party. The sports car will find a worthy place in the wedding motorcade.

Sports car rentals are popular for exclusive photo shoots. Many modeling agencies choose cars to create a spectacular portfolio and emphasize their status. After all, an expensive car is associated with prosperity, success, and an excellent business reputation.

Many people dream of getting a ride, for example, in a Lamborghini or Ferrari, for a birthday. Ordering a rental car with a driver will allow you to give such a gift to the birthday person regardless of age and driving experience.

You can order a transfer to the airport so that our employee will meet the VIP guest and bring him to the conference or deliver him to the hotel.

Our advantages
Punctuality and professionalism
Punctuality and professionalism

The company's employees have excellent experience in accident-free driving of sports cars, knowledge of the map of Moscow and arrive at the specified place without delay all year.

Excellent condition
Excellent condition

The customer receives a car in perfect technical and impeccable external condition. Our cars are washed, and the interior is clean.

Positive reviews
Positive reviews

Customers are satisfied with the quality of work and recommend us to their friends.

Rich selection
Rich selection

We offer car rentals for every taste and budget.

Rental of sports cars and supercars without a driver

Sports cars are expensive, so they are not often found even in such a metropolis as Moscow. You can order an exclusive car rental from us if you want to drive yourself and experience the power, speed and delight of the trip.

In order to be noticed by passers-by and drivers of other cars, it is not necessary to write out steep turns and push the pedal all the way. Cars such as Chevrolet Corvette, Lexus IS, Ferrari California, Porsche Boxster, Jaguar XKR, BMW X4, Mercedes AMG GTS or Audi RS6 without extreme turns are sure to attract attention and make everyone who sees them look around.

You will immediately find yourself in the center of attention and make an indelible impression on friends or colleagues if you arrive at the party in a sports car. A good reason to rent a car without a driver is a romantic date. Your chosen one will be enchanted for more than one hour by the stylish appearance, exquisite interior of a chic car. In addition, renting a Porsche or Land Rover will help you evaluate the capabilities of a certain brand on city streets, comfort and try out advanced technical innovations.

How to order and book

We suggest you visit our website to choose and take the desired option, leave a request. Our manager will answer the call, address via messengers, by e-mail, specify the cost, help you make a reservation for a specific date. After processing the information, you will receive answers to the questions. Booking serves as a guarantee that the car will be delivered to you on time.