Limousine rental in Moscow


The price of a good limousine cannot be "inexpensive" if quality is important to you!

Hummer Mega (full height) Hummer Mega (full height) Hummer Mega (full height) Hummer Mega (full height) Hummer Mega (full height) Hummer Mega (full height)
28 seats - 5 000 ₽/Hr
Hummer H2 (gold) Hummer H2 (gold) Hummer H2 (gold) Hummer H2 (gold) Hummer H2 (gold) Hummer H2 (gold)
up to 23 seats - 3,200 ₽/Hr
Cadillac Escalade (limousine) Cadillac Escalade (limousine) Cadillac Escalade (limousine) Cadillac Escalade (limousine) Cadillac Escalade (limousine) Cadillac Escalade (limousine)
up to 26 seats - 3,200 ₽/Hr
Cadillac Escalade (ч/б) Cadillac Escalade (ч/б) Cadillac Escalade (ч/б) Cadillac Escalade (ч/б) Cadillac Escalade (ч/б) Cadillac Escalade (ч/б)
up to 22 seats - 3,200 ₽/Hr
Excalibur Phantom (pink) Excalibur Phantom (pink) Excalibur Phantom (pink) Excalibur Phantom (pink) Excalibur Phantom (pink)
up to 10 seats - 5,000 ₽/r
Chrysler 300с (red) Chrysler 300с (red) Chrysler 300с (red) Chrysler 300с (red) Chrysler 300с (red) Chrysler 300с (red)
up to 9 seats - 2,300 ₽/Hr

A limousine is not called a specific brand, but a passenger vehicle, which has a very elongated body. The spacious and roomy interior of a limousine with a chic interior will fit a serious number of passengers. Limousines like to use famous personalities who appreciate comfort to effectively appear on the red carpet, attract the attention of the press and the public. Exclusive interiors of white limousines are made in different colors, and the festive atmosphere of the event will be provided by original lighting decorating the ceiling, DVD, cheerful music.

In our company, individuals or legal entities can rent a white limousine for different occasions. We offer rental of white limousines, the cost of ordering which is quite affordable.

Buying a limousine – an executive class car with the longest wheelbase, having an increased number of passenger seats – is not profitable because of the significant cost, but is very wasteful. If you order a limousine rental without drivers who have good experience driving such vehicles, it is difficult to maneuver in the traffic flow. Moreover, it is not at all easy to find a suitable parking for a limousine even in such a huge metropolis as Moscow.

What events are suitable for renting limousines in Moscow

You can order a cheap limousine from us to provide decent transport support for events, including the prom. You can choose a custom-made white limousine for a wedding motorcade or a bachelorette party, for discharge from the hospital.

For an anniversary or a meeting of vip participants of a business conference, a limousine with an interior in a restrained style with an elegant combination of black and gray will be an excellent choice. Therefore, you can order a Rolls-Royce limousine rental.

For a fun youth party or a romantic walk through the streets of a night city with friends, it is worth ordering a limousine rental with a high roof. The increase in the number of rear wheels made it possible to expand the capacity of the limousine to 28-32 seats.

An unforgettable birthday gift will cause unforgettable emotions if you order a rental of a white limousine with a sufficient number of seats. Children and adults will get a lot of positive impressions from walking around Moscow in a white limousine, the cost of which is quite affordable.

The interior of the white car, the decoration of which is the illumination of the floor and ceiling, with comfortable sofas and dynamic music is suitable for the upbeat atmosphere of a wedding celebration.

A white limousine is an ideal option in almost any situation, with the exception of country excursions for a significant number of tourists. Therefore, it is better to order buses in which there are enough seats for everyone, and not white Hummer limousines.

Choosing a wedding limousine

A special part of the wedding is the passage of a white limousine accompanied by a motorcade. If you order a white limousine, then, like a magic carriage, it will bring a beautiful bride in a white luxurious dress to the wedding place.

It is worth ordering a white limousine, and it will attract all the attention, no matter how many luxury cars Porsche, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Infiniti QX56, BMW, Lincoln Town Car, Bentley, Jaguar or Nissan are not accompanied by cars. If you order a white Hummer H2 limousine, then even a Mercedes Pullman will not compete with it in this.

Newlyweds, close relatives, friends, colleagues will be comfortable in the spacious cabin of a white limousine on comfortable sofas. The built-in mini-bar in the limousine will allow the company to enjoy chilled drinks. Ventilation, heating systems, powerful climate control of the car will maintain a comfortable temperature at any time of the year.

Those invited to the place of celebration will arrive on time if you order a Hummer multi-seater limousine from us, the rent of which is very inexpensive. Our driver knows the Moscow routes, parking places for such a long car as a Hummer, will bring young and invited guests to the registry office, to the restaurant in a timely manner.

If you order a white Hummer H2 limousine, Cadillac Escalade or Chrysler, it will be a great background for a photo shoot, decorate the pictures. Original photos with views of beautiful places will long remind the newlyweds and all participants of the trip on these limousines about the solemn day.

Our advantages

We provide a clean white limousine, exactly at the specified hour and not a second later.


The car is undergoing a final inspection. Preliminary preparation of the white limousine for the trip includes maintenance, washing, cleaning of the interior, regardless of the number of seats. Our modern service ensures the strict fulfillment of all obligations under the contract.


Since 2009, we have accumulated serious experience in servicing various events, including corporate ones, and drivers have considerable experience in accident-free driving of limousines.

We work 24/7
We work 24/7

All week, including weekends, holidays, an experienced personal manager accompanies clients, starting with the selection, and receives positive feedback in large numbers.

Order a limousine in Moscow

The most popular season is from April to October, so you will have to think about preparing for the wedding a little earlier and order a limousine in advance at an affordable cost. Transport service will be a testament to the impeccable taste of the newlyweds and the highest level of organization.

If you have to meet a serious number of important guests at the airport or at the train station, then the decision to rent the largest Hummer H2 limousine or a compact Chrysler with a driver for a trip at an adequate cost will be correct. The car will make a good impression on the arrivals, regardless of their number, show organization, create the image of the company. The car will arrive in advance. Our polite staff will wait for the arrival of the flight in a limousine and take everyone to the hotel, to a conference or other point in the capital by the specified hour.

How much does it cost to rent a limo

Affordable prices for ordering a limousine will pleasantly surprise you. When calculating the personal cost, we take into account the dates and times when you plan to order a new limousine, the number of hours or days of rental, the car model. An individual approach will help you choose the best option for a limousine rental agreement and the cost for each customer. We accept payment of the cost in cash at the office and by remote payment.

You can order limousines from us for any occasion and for all occasions. For example, at a wedding, the white color of Hummer (full-length), Chrysler RR-style, Cadillac limousines is appropriate. To accompany limousines, you should rent a Lincoln Navigator, Infiniti,

Ford Excursion. For the duration of the bachelor party, they order a golden Hummer limousine or a black one with karaoke. You can order a limousine rental with a large capacity of 20-30 seats from us. For holidays, you can order limousines with fewer seats. For example, there are only 9 of them in the Chrysler 300C limousine.

Additional services

In addition to providing a clean car in excellent technical condition, you can order ice in a limousine in an amount sufficient to cool drinks, a buffet, snacks or mini burgers. If you order photo and video shooting, then professional photographers and cameramen will do it at the wedding. You can order helium balloons and take the paint to be washed off in sufficient quantity so that everyone is satisfied and has fun doing bright decoration of a white car with funny drawings and inscriptions of their design. If, for safety, a white limousine and other means of transport will be accompanied by a guard, this makes it possible to create an event of special importance.

The procedure for ordering a limousine

To order a car, you can choose the desired version, cost and leave a request on the company's website. Call to order a limousine, ask questions and find out the cost. The dispatcher will answer your call, perform data processing, explain how to order a limousine, agree on the cost, dates, time of the order, taking into account the wishes. The company's manager will tell you more about all the nuances via messengers, e-mail, by phone, explain how to order a limousine cheaper, specify the tariffs and cost, name the order code. He will provide information about limousines, rental costs, information about guarantees, offers, current promotions, payment forms.