A date, a ride in a limo or a convertible

from 6 000 ₽

by limousine from 13,000 rubles. (3 hours)

on a convertible from 6 000 rubles.

You can choose a set of services:
  • 2-3 hours of walking around Moscow at night (an additional hour from 2,000 rubles)
  • A bottle of sparkling wine, juice, a fruit basket. It is possible to form a more individual order (please specify the terms and cost by phone)
  • A photographer who takes general and individual photos.
  • Stops in picturesque and romantic places of the capital.
  • At the end of the limo ride, you can visit the cozy restaurant of one of our partners (night club, restaurant, bar, water park or karaoke)
  • At your request, we will deliver a bouquet of 51 or 101 roses to the limousine. (please specify the terms and cost by phone)
Order service "Romantic / date"

A date in a limo + a bottle of good sparkling wine and a basket of fruit +one hour photo shoot

Have you finally met the chosen one of your heart? And are you ready to make her a marriage proposal? What could be better for this than the pleasant twilight of a luxury limousine? Here you are completely hidden from prying eyes and now, you can say everything that you have been preparing for for so long. Let the only witnesses of this amazing moment be romantic music and two sparkling wine glasses.

Especially for this event, we will arrange the delivery of flowers, and you will give them to your chosen one when the limousine stops in a picturesque place of the capital. At your request, part of your time, you can be accompanied by a photographer who will take photos of this magical trip.

A date in a limo or convertible is unforgettable!

Make this evening unforgettable! Allow yourself to write such a beautiful and partly fabulous page into the history of your life together. Even if you are an incorrigible romantic, and have repeatedly proved this to your second half, a romantic evening in a limousine will take its place of honor in the heart of your chosen one. After all, every girl in her soul dreams of just such an act of her chosen one.

At the end of your trip, a limousine can take you to one of the cozy restaurants of our partners. Special conditions will apply for you this evening. At your request, we can take care of booking a table.

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