Mini burgers

from 4 000 ₽

Color set 4,000 ₽ (weight: 1,200 gr.)

200 ₽/piece. (weight. 50 gr.)

  • Beef with apple sauce
  • Turkey with vegetables
  • Vegetable "Vega burger"

within the Moscow Ring Road: from 1,000 ₽

Free of Charge:
When Ordering from 7,000 ₽:
+500 rubles. when ordering exactly on time

  • Black — 5 bur. (Salmon slices, lettuce leaves, cucumber, parmesan, classic tartar sauce)
  • Red— 5 bur. (Juicy chicken breast, iceberg lettuce leaves, red tomato, parmesan, Caesar classic sauce)
  • Green — 5 bur. (Beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce leaves, hot green pepper, red tomato, tomato dressing)

Free shipping from 5,000 rubles., with a smaller amount of 500 rubles .

Order service "Mini burgers"

Mini burgers are perfect for a wedding, birthday, bachelorette party or other celebration in a limousine.

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