Limousine rental for the new year 2024 - all inclusive

from 3 000 ₽/Hr.


limousine: from 2,700 rubles per hour.

turnkey holiday: 40,000 rubles — all inclusive for 15 people over – 2,000 rubles/person.


You can choose a set of services:

  • 3 hours of skiing in New Year's Moscow (additional hours are paid separately)
  • The event starts at 23.00
  • As a gift, "strong" and soft drinks in unlimited quantities for the duration of the trip (Imported semi—sweet sparkling, strong Scottish drinks, cola, as well as juice, fruit - in limited quantities)
  • The photographer, he's Santa Claus in a limo!
  • Stops in famous and picturesque places of Moscow
  • Great mood throughout the trip, if possible, is supported by our wonderful Santa Claus
  • We can consider all your wishes and make an individual holiday
  • At the end of the limo ride, you can book a table or visit one of our partners' establishments (night club, restaurant, bar, water park or karaoke)
  • Age limit: 18+
Order service "New Year in limousine in Moscow"

Plunge into the magical fairy tale of the new year and meet this night in a way you have never met before, and we will do everything to make this holiday unforgettable for you and your friends. Order a limousine for the new year 2021 in our company and you will meet the holiday by riding a luxury limousine, drinking hot drinks, and enjoying the Moscow New Year's Eve. Our car can accommodate everyone and will take you for 3 hours along pre-built routes. For an additional fee, your whims will be made a reality and you will be able to walk in a big way until the morning or more. In addition, drinks without restrictions are included for you, and our professional photographer, he is Santa Claus, believe me, will not let you get bored)

Everyone knows the well–known omen about the New Year's Eve, so the magical New Year's Eve is one of the most anticipated holidays, for which they prepare for a long time and carefully. If you want to diversify this holiday, then a limousine for the New Year is what you need! While renting a car, you will be able to discuss the route and its duration with the manager, as well as order treats and drinks for the best New Year's eve. The limousine will meet you with beautiful lighting, cool champagne, comfortable seats and a unique atmosphere of luxury!

Limo rental will make your new year more original

How to make this traditional holiday original and memorable? Especially for this purpose, a limousine rental for the new year is presented to your attention. This service will allow you to organize an extraordinary holiday with an original entertainment program, because you will be able to explore the whole city during New Year's Eve, enjoy a magnificent panorama and visit all your relatives. A magnificent car, cool champagne and a buffet, which can be ordered additionally, will become your reliable companions for the New Year! Thanks to this, your holiday will be truly unforgettable!

Why should I order a limo for the new year?

Do you want to organize the most memorable new year that you can remember and set an example for your friends? To do this, you can order a limousine for the new year 2024 from Sanaev Moscow. A chic car will be a wonderful addition to your holiday, making it even more vivid and original. You will be able to ride around the best venues in your city, but at the same time there will be a limousine at your disposal where you can warm up and enjoy a glass of champagne. Don't forget that the limo will be driven by a professional driver, so you don't have to worry about anything.

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