Helium balloons for holiday decoration

from 3 000 ₽


20 pcs. - 3,000 rubles.

25 pcs. - 3,500 rubles .

30 pcs. - 4,000 rubles .

50 pcs. - 6 000 rubles.

with inscriptions D.R., numbers and foil
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A holiday is a great occasion to have fun, have fun and enjoy the moments of life. Of course, this requires an appropriate place that requires decoration. The design of the limousine can be done with the help of helium balloons of bright colors, which can be bought relatively inexpensively. We present you balloons filled with helium in Moscow at affordable prices, which is very convenient for quickly decorating your event. You can order them at home, for example, to arrange an entrance to an apartment. You can make different shapes and compositions from them, depending on the theme of your holiday.

Helium balloons are perfect for creating an original composition for the design of a wedding motorcade. A beautiful heart-shaped composition will become a real decoration for your holiday, in addition, it can be used for making or decorating a chic arch.

Gel Balls for Birthday decoration

Undoubtedly, a birthday is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, when all the dreams and desires of the hero of the occasion come true. Helium balloons will help you to arrange a birthday inexpensively, as well as create a unique atmosphere of joy and happiness. Not only children, but also adults will be pleasantly surprised by such a birthday decoration, because it is a vivid memory from childhood, which is pleasant to refresh in adulthood.

Please note that the birthday is perfect for experimenting, including with the design. Beautiful original decor made of helium balloons is an easy way to save time and money!

Individual approach to each event

There are no identical holidays, so each celebration requires an individual approach. A magnificent arch of bright helium balloons is perfect for a wedding, which will become a magnificent decoration of the celebration. For an unforgettable birthday, you can make a beautiful panel with the name of the hero of the occasion, as well as with the date of this significant day. To celebrate a corporate event, you can order an original composition with the company logo.

Thanks to painstaking work and a creative approach, you can create a truly magnificent decor of helium balloons that will color your holiday in bright colors.

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