Snacks, buffet in a limousine in Moscow

from 7 000 ₽

Canapes in the limo

  • With salmon 5 pcs .
  • With turkey 5 pcs.
  • With cheese 5 pcs .
  • With boiled pork 5 pcs .

Cold snacks

  • Eggplant rolls 10 pcs.
  • Ham rolls 10 pcs.
  • Mini roast beef sandwich 5 pcs.
  • Mini sandwich pork 5 pcs.
  • Mini salmon sandwich 5 pcs.
  • Mini tartlet 5 pcs.
  • with salad "Olivier"


  • With meat 5 pcs .
  • With cabbage 5 pcs .
  • With mushrooms 5 pcs.


  • Fruit vase 1 pc.
  • Ptifura 16 pcs.

Weight: 4,070 gr.

* Delivery is free, by the exact time +500 rubles. at a price of 7,000 rubles.

*Full payment and cancellation is possible only 24 hours in advance

Order service "Buffet and Snacks"

Snacks, a buffet in a limousine for any holiday

Order snacks for a wedding /Birthday in Moscow

Any holiday involves treating guests. How to make it original – the Sanaev Moscow company will tell you. One of the ways to design a festive table is a buffet. This French word has firmly entered the world of modern man. The event is different from a banquet, buffet and traditional Russian feast.

A buffet in a limousine is an original way to treat those present with delicious canapes at the moment when they will enjoy the view from the window. Cold appetizers served in portions will be appropriate for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, corporate party and other events. Even if it is a children's holiday, bright treats will cause a stormy delight among the youngest guests of the celebration. The car will take the kids towards exciting adventures, which they will remember for a long time.

Canapes in a limousine are an opportunity not to cook at home, not to buy groceries and save on restaurant services. Our company will do everything necessary to make your guests well-fed and cheerful.

Our advantages
Creative team
Creative team

We are organizing a themed holiday at the highest level.

Affordable prices
Affordable prices

A limo ride and a buffet is a great idea, your guests will not stay hungry, while they will enjoy the city scenery.

Professional kitchen
Professional kitchen

Our chef will think through every detail, he will prepare original and beautifully decorated dishes from fresh products in compliance with all sanitary standards.

Delicious snacks
Delicious snacks

To order a buffet with us means to surprise guests with novelties of gastronomic delights.

Order a canapé for a wedding/ Birthday

Small sandwiches and snacks in the form of canapes on skewers are a portioned version of the dish served. This means that guests will not be concerned about shifting salads to their plates while driving a car. This way of serving food is elegant. It will be appreciated by gourmets and people who are undemanding to the design of the festive table.

Often a buffet is ordered for a wedding walk. Guests from the bride and groom are happy to taste meat and fish delicacies, which are so convenient to take with a fork or with your hands. The newlyweds sign at the registry office, and after this significant event they go to nature for photo and video shooting. It's worth taking care of a little snack on the road in advance.

Inform our manager of the following nuances:

  • number of guests;
  • taste preferences of the birthday boy or invited guests;
  • type of celebration (anniversary, children's birthday, hen party or bachelor party).

If necessary, we will deliver the canapes to work, to the office, to the house. The customer always participates in the preparation of the menu. He will tell you what types of snacks he likes, what can surprise his guests. We select different recipes for children and adults. Kids need dietary and healthy dishes, the design of which carries a touch of creativity.

The mini-buffet will appeal to housewives because they do not need to stand at the stove and cook banal sandwiches. To order a turnkey holiday from us means to receive a service of impeccable quality. Do not skimp on impressions. They are much more expensive than paying for the organizer's services. Call us and we will discuss the details of organizing your holiday.

Limo buffet menu:

In order to organize a buffet in the limousine, a variety of canapes and a variety of cold snacks will be available.

The menu for an exquisite buffet includes

  • Canapes with salmon, turkey, cheese, pork;
  • Eggplant and ham rolls;
  • Mini sandwiches;
  • Tartlets;
  • Pies;
  • Ptifura;
  • Fruit Vase

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of food. When ordering a turnkey holiday in our company, all the dishes will already be in the limo on black or gold trays in paper boxes.

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