Personal security and bodyguard services in Moscow

from 2 000 ₽/h

Cost: 2,000 rubles.

Order service "Security"

Ordering personal security is a service that guarantees a high level of security. A team of professionals will always be in close proximity to the customer and accompany him by private car. Each of the candidates for the position undergoes thorough training and has a high level of physical and psychological endurance.

The main duties of personal security are:

  • Ensuring safe movement along the planned route;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the client's environment;
  • Control over events and prompt change of action strategy if necessary;
  • Detection and elimination of any threats, including explosive substances and tracking devices.

Staff training

The bodyguard prevents the occurrence of situations that in one way or another may threaten the health and life of the customer. He must have stress resistance and good reaction speed, as he works in unpredictable conditions and with personal weapons. Therefore, the selection for the position is carried out according to very strict criteria.

All candidates for the position go through several stages of verification. First of all, the general parameters of physical development are evaluated: height, weight, absence of diseases that may affect the quality of performance of duties.

To assess endurance, it is assumed that the standards will be passed in the gym. There is also a demonstration of hand-to-hand combat skills. One of the stages of the multi-level tests is held in the shooting club, where future bodyguards show their possession of firearms.

Also, during the inspection, a number of tests are conducted to analyze general intellectual abilities, and a polygraph is mandatory.

Thus, only those candidates who have successfully passed a rigorous selection are allowed to internship and future work.

Order the services of a personal bodyguard

The calm movement of the client along the route depends on the quality of work and reliability of the bodyguards. It is important to carefully consider the choice of a company that provides personal security services. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that a team consisting of several specialists should always be provided to protect the customer. One private security guard is not able to provide complete security, even if he has a very high professional level.

The company "Sanaev Moscow" provides an opportunity to hire qualified and thoroughly tested bodyguards at optimal prices. The service can be ordered for yourself or another VIP client, while all the important nuances are discussed individually.

Support is provided in Moscow regardless of the area, the development of road infrastructure and other features of the territory. Personal guards will be in the immediate vicinity and provide cover for the client during his entry and exit from the transport, as well as when a large number of strangers gather. Additionally, private personal security presupposes the presence of an advanced group of employees who check the intended route in advance and prepare the object for visiting.

The cost of personal protection

The total amount of payment for personal protection depends on several factors:

  • Depending on the level of danger and the status of the protected person (a public person, a child, several family members);
  • From the period for which the service is required;
  • On the number of bodyguards in the team;
  • From additional security skills (knowledge of a foreign language, the ability to drive a car, motorcycle or any other transport).

The cost of the service per day can vary widely. To clarify all the details you are interested in, you can call on the website or contact us in any convenient way (text messengers, social networks).

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