Ice in the limo bar

from 5 000 ₽

2,000 rubles .

Order service "Ice"

Preparing for any event is a very troublesome task. In the pre-holiday rush, you can easily lose sight of some important detail, for example, an ice pack. We will make sure that on your holiday, soft drinks remain really cool all the time. And a bottle of champagne cooling in an ice bucket will become an additional decoration of the interior and emphasize the festive atmosphere of the event.

You have already ordered a limousine or are just planning to work in our company and want to relax with maximum comfort, we offer an additional service "Ice in a limousine". Drinks are more pleasant to drink chilled, this is especially true in the summer, when you really want to refresh yourself a little. This is true for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for any festive event. By adding a service, ice is provided in a separate container when the car is delivered. It can be added to drinks or used to cool bottles. This service is very popular for weddings, bachelorette parties, adult or children's birthday parties.

To order ice in a limousine, contact the manager and add the service no later than 24 hours before the start of the event.

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