Which cars are chosen for a wedding

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A wedding is a pleasant exciting celebration for the bride and groom. Every couple wants the holiday to be perfect, so all the moments need to be carefully thought out in advance.

Far from the last place is occupied by the question of choosing a car for young people, their parents and guests.

Nuances of choosing a car for a wedding

Before ordering transport for a wedding, you need to determine:

  • wedding celebration style – classic or themed;
  • personal wishes of the newlyweds;
  • budget allocated for transport;
  • weather forecast for the day of the event;
  • the route that the motorcade will follow with all stops;
  • how many guests will accompany the young.

Types of wedding cars

In a large park there are many chic, comfortable cars that will allow the bride and groom to effectively appear in front of the guests, will be a wonderful background for photo and video shooting.

Standard passenger car (sedan)

Stylish cars will emphasize the significance of the event. Maybach, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz are on trend. A little less often choose Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Audi or BMW. Respectable, comfortable, reliable, refined cars will make a festive day unforgettable.

седан на свадьбу

Wedding convertibles

The bride looks original and unusual in an elegant convertible and is admired by everyone – from guests to casual passers-by. The bride's snow-white dress and the groom's dark tuxedo are effectively complemented by a bright red metallic Ford-Mustang.

The convertible is ideal for those who want to enjoy luxury carefree.

Of course, the folding roof will protect you from the rain, but the special chic will be lost. A strong wind can ruin the bride's hairstyle and jewelry. For bad weather, cold season, such a car is absolutely not suitable.

кабриолет на свадьбу

Retro car for a wedding

A retro-style celebration will require a motorcade of rare cars. A trip in a retro car is an ideal solution for those who seek not only to impress guests, but also to make an unforgettable photo shoot. Original and sometimes funny photos will never get out of date.

However, antique cars have their own specifics. Not all models are equipped with stoves, and air conditioners differ from modern ones. In addition, Soviet cars can't drive for a long time, they need stops so that the car cools down. Although their technical condition is always maintained at the proper level, because collectible specimens are taken care of with special care.

ретро авто на свадьбу

SUV for the wedding

Seven-seater cars are profitable, because young people can be accompanied by relatives or operators, and they will not have to pay for a taxi for them.

The SUV is great for escorting, cold season. His brutal appearance looks great at both a classic and a themed wedding.

A jeep is especially convenient for wedding events organized outside the city, because you often have to get to the place on roads with poor coverage.

гелик на свадьбу

Wedding limousines

Although limousines are gradually going out of fashion, they are still chosen because of the spaciousness of the cabin - they can accommodate up to 30 guests dressed in summer clothes. But keep in mind that due to demi-season or winter clothing, the capacity decreases.

Choosing a limousine, you will have to take into account low speed, and limited maneuverability will affect the choice of route.

лимузин на свадьбу

Guest cars

For the movement of your guests, renting minibuses and minivans will be an excellent solution. So up to 19 passengers can comfortably get into the most popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses. Among minivans, a 6-seater premium Mercedes-Benz V class is most often rented, and a 10-seat H-Starex is suitable for service personnel.

спринтер для гостей на свадьбе

How to decorate a wedding motorcade

Abundant jewelry has not been in trend for several years. They went out of fashion and remained only for budget cars to hide scuffs, scratches on the body. Premium cars do not need to be decorated, and many of them are even forbidden to use jewelry – they can damage the paint layer (LKS).

Bouquets, ribbons, rings, garlands and any other decor have become an anti-trend. For those who believe that jewelry is a good old tradition, let us recall the history.

In ancient Russia, rich peasants or merchants wanted to show off their wealth. They assembled a real "wedding train" from several teams and tried to "outdo" the neighbors with ostentatious luxury and richness of jewelry. There was even a bad omen: if the jewelry gets damaged during the trip, there will be no harmony in the new family.

Even the most expensive jewelry, which costs 20 thousand, looks pretty ridiculous on a Maybach or Jaguar, worth several million rubles.

If you want to decorate a respectable car with fresh flowers, you need to imagine what bouquets on the hood or bumper will turn into during the trip, especially at a good speed.

It becomes very sad when the wedding procession is decorated with wreaths of artificial flowers. It's not even feng shui. According to the apt expression of one of the leading designers: so any car turns into a "hearse-type wedding truck".

свадебные украшения

Why is it profitable for you to order a car for a wedding with a driver

Rent a car without a driver is provided for at least a day, and is booked for 3 days or more. We do not book in advance for a shorter period. The application can be submitted on the wedding day, and if the car is free, we will fulfill it. If there are no available cars of the brand of interest, then young people will have to choose from what they have, or look for other ways to get to the registry office.

The driver has special requirements regarding age and driving experience. This applies to all people who will drive the car, since the transfer of control to persons not included in the contract is strictly prohibited.

If you want to rent a car without a driver, you will have to find a place yourself and pay for parking, but this can sometimes be difficult to do. It is especially difficult to find paid parking in the center of Moscow – they are not everywhere. And during the wedding, you don't need any extra hassle.

Reception, and especially the return of the car takes time, which is very inconvenient due to the busy schedule of the event.

If the car gets into an accident, the customer will have to answer. The same applies to breakdowns. Then, instead of a wedding, you will have to deal with law enforcement officers, look for a tow truck to deliver the car to the car service.

Any emergency situation can spoil the festive mood, lead to serious expenses.

Renting a car with a driver will save you from most of these problems. The driver will deal with all non-standard situations. It is he who will solve parking issues, avoid traffic jams, avoid emergency situations.

Professional drivers with many years of accident-free experience are well aware of the intricacies of driving. Without good skills, it is impossible to cope with the management of a limousine, other cars with a long body.

An experienced driver will coordinate the arrival time, form the route of the motorcade taking into account traffic jams, check the technical condition of the car. In addition, he complies with the agreed dress code, bears full responsibility for accidents on the way.

An additional advantage is that you do not have to make a deposit, the amount of which, depending on the car model, starts from 30,000 rubles.

By renting a car with a driver, you will save time, nerves, money and will be able to enjoy the wedding celebration to the fullest.

What do you pay for by renting a car

The rental price consists of different components.

What is the filing hour

The rent includes the so-called filing hour. This is the time that is spent on car washing, cleaning with special care of the interior, maintenance, other preparatory measures and the delivery of the car exactly on time.

Features of wedding rates

On the wedding day, the car should shine clean inside and out, so our cleaning costs increase significantly.

The minimum time of the actual rental is 4 + 1 hours, since cars are not booked on the wedding day, although there are a lot of people who want to. After all, sometimes newlyweds may need more time, for example, for a photo shoot, and haste only adds to nervousness. Then it is possible to extend the rental period for an additional fee.

The cost of the order is influenced by various factors:

  • wedding date;
  • service time. If the car is rented for a day, we provide discounts;
  • day of the week. Usually Saturday is considered a "wedding" day and the demand for cars for ceremonial trips increases at times;
  • the time of the year. The season from April to October is even called "high" or "hot" because of the large number of weddings that are held during this period. At the same time, the peak of demand falls on August;
  • make and model of the car. Keep in mind that the same machines sometimes differ in configuration and condition.

Color preferences began to change – now white cars are not so fashionable. However, many people still associate a wedding with a snow-white car. The demand for them remains very high, so renting white cars costs one and a half to two times more expensive.

If your budget is small, pay attention to black or colored cars, especially if you choose cars for a motorcade.

It is important to remember that every 20 km of departure from the MKAD is paid additionally at a separate rate.

How to order a car for a wedding

On our website there is a filter "For a wedding" https://sanaevmoscow.com/arenda-avto-na-svadbu/ and search sorting to make it easier to choose a car for the celebration. Via messengers or by phone, you can contact the managers and discuss all the nuances of renting a wedding car.