Photo studio with cyclorama for shooting cars

from 2 500 ₽

Price: 2,500 rubles per hour

Order service "Cyclorama"

To create high-quality pictures with a car, we offer you a modern and spacious studio with a cyclorama. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment, which our employees will help to install and connect.

Advantages of a car studio:

  • Convenient location in one of the well-developed areas of Moscow. Just five minutes walk from Govorovo metro station. There is a private parking next to the photo studio.
  • A spacious and bright room for shooting.
  • A comfortable dressing room with a large mirror for preparing models for a photo shoot. Payment of 500 rubles for each hour.
  • The presence of two cyclones with the possibility of arrival.
  • Affordable price. The cost of one hour is fixed and is 1,700 rubles.
  • Own fleet with a large selection of cars, each of which can be rented. The cost starts from 2,000 rubles. for one hour. More than 200 cars with a driver's service included in the price (from 2,000 rubles/hour) are also available for photographing.
  • The opportunity to shoot with your own transport.

Equipment and prices

To shoot a car, our photo studio offers to rent:

  • A large white cyclorama measuring 11x8m or a black one with 4x3m parameters for creating x images with transport of contrasting shades (for example, red, gold, white cars) The price of shooting small-sized structures is 2,000 rubles / h. The arrival of transport (car, motorcycle, ATV, etc.) costs 3,000 rubles / h.
  • Additional paper backgrounds (the availability of color is specified individually) 500 rubles./running meter
  • The smoke machine. The cost is fixed and is 500 rubles.

Professional lighting for photo and video shooting

  • Pulsed light – 0 rubles.
  • Studio light (Aputure 300X) - 1,500 rubles.
  • Lighting equipment (Aputure NOVA) - 2,500 rubles.
  • Illuminator (Osterrig Solaris) - 500 rubles.
  • Studio flash units available are the Gox DP-800III, Prolinca 250 and 400. To create soft lighting, there are Softboxes with sizes 180x80 and 50x50, as well as Oktobox. A 1.5 x 1 white/gray reflector, filters of various colors, a crane stand, a fan, a projector, white and black flags are available on request.

Car photo studio cleaning services

  • Cleaning halls - from 500 rubles to 1,500 rubles.
  • Cleaning of the dressing room – 500 rubles.

In case of serious damage to the floor, you will need to pay for painting in the filming area. The amount can be from 1,500 rubles to 3,000 rubles.

Additional services