Pasting, branding of a car for filming

from 5 000 ₽

from 5 000 ₽

Order service "Pasting"

We are glad to offer you an additional service to rent a car - to paste our car in your corporate branding or completely change the color using a special easy-to-shoot film.

What is the need for pasting a car with a film:

  • Ideal for corporate clients, where there is a need to apply the company's corporate logo on the doors and hood of the car and the subsequent promotion or photo, video shooting
  • Applying congratulatory inscriptions if you have a solemn event such as a wedding, birthday, bachelorette party or other important day in your life.
  • For shooting music videos and movies. For example, you want to see a car of a different color in the frame, perhaps tuned or with some desalinated inscriptions emphasizing the unique style of the hero or performer.

Calculation of the cost of the car branding order

  • The price consists of several factors:
  • the size and quality of the sticker
  • how long it will be on the car
  • depreciation of the car
  • the time spent on the road to the service, applying the film and removing it from the car
  • additional body washing

For an accurate price calculation, it is better to contact our manager.

We cooperate with trusted partners in this niche, we have some experience, but we are not responsible for quality. Therefore, always send a detailed technical specification, an image layout and be present during the process on the day of pasting, so that our colleagues can do everything quickly to make you satisfied.

For an additional fee, we can attract a designer to create an exclusive layout.

We will be glad to help you realize your unique idea!

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