With the advent of the fifth Phantom model, Rolls Royce has once again become the most prestigious car in the world. Rolls-Royce Phantom V was designed for top officials of states, governors, the most popular movie and pop stars. 516 copies were sold. Queen Elizabeth II, King Olaf V of Norway, President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, governors of Hong Kong for special occasions, Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and musician John Lennon, who originally painted his car, had several official Phantom V.

Power: 182 hp
Maximum speed: 163 km/h
Acceleration to 100 km/h in 15.4 seconds.
Engine capacity: 6.2 l

Clearance: 184 mm
Width: 2,007 mm
Length: 4,563 mm
Height: 1,753 mm
Wheelbase: 3,683 mm

Fuel tank capacity: - 104 liters
Curb weight: - 2,591 kg