Jaguar XJ 2015 - the largest offer of the luxury brand and its flagship model

This XJ car starts with a fresh, modern design, including a stunningly beautiful roof line, a rear rack with a convertible top, as well as the sensitivity of the runway model, from the embossed grille to the LED taillights decorated with glass beads. The style of the back can be polarizing; its tucked-in look can look either clunky or delightfully different, depending on your look.

The XJ seems shockingly thin and light at the wheel, which makes sense since it weighs several hundred pounds less compared to German luxury flagships. The all-aluminum construction provides excellent handling, and with this generation, Jaguar's long-term ride isolation has become history, replaced by a sporty, taut feel. However, an adaptive damping system should be taken into account, and electronics manage to filter out minor road bumps without spoiling the fun. Large ventilated disc brakes with drying brakes and a good pedal feel match the XJ's, and Z-rated tires up to 20 inches hold up securely.

Inside, the physical proximity of the interior of the XJ makes it more sporty. The seats are more rigid and flat, with more adjustments, heating and ventilation. The standard safety equipment is respectable, with six airbags, an anti-lock braking system, as well as a traction and stability control system; each Jaguar XJ has a built-in blind spot warning system, and adaptive cruise control is an available option.