The interior of the Ferrari California has: separate climate control, satellite navigator, electrically adjustable seats with a magnetic frame, infotainment system with a 6.5-inch touch screen TFT Multidisplay, hard disk, Bluetooth, USB connector, voice control and a connector for a player / phone. There is a Manettino factory selector on the steering wheel that controls all electronic systems: transmission, E-Diff differential, injuries (ABS and ESP), controlled CST stabilization, controlled F1-Trac traction and adaptive SCM suspension.

Technical characteristics Ferrari California
Power: 460 LS.
Heat up to 100 km / h in 4 seconds.
Engine lift: 4.3 L
Lead Auto: rear
Korobka: robot
Engine type: gasoline
Toplyovo no ni Ai-100

Size ++ :
Clearance: 120 mm
Width: 1 902 mm
Chisel: 4 563 mm
In Apostille: 1 308 mm
Wheel Base: 2 670 mm

Gorod-19,4 L.; trace-9,4 L.; funny-13,1 L.

We load heating tank: - 78 liter
We wrap the trunk min / max: - 240/340 liter
Floor Massa: - 2 000 kg
Equipment Massa: - 1 735 kg