The BMW 3 Series Convertible is characterized by balanced proportions with an open or closed roof. It boasts an unmistakable silhouette that is easy to recognize thanks to the retractable hard roof. Thanks to the three roof elements that conveniently fold into the luggage compartment, the new model continues the low shoulder line so typical of the BMW 3 Series convertible.

Inside the convertible, the functional advantages of a rigid roof are obvious. The only way BMW engineers have been able to surpass the proven qualities of the BMW soft top in terms of resistance to harsh winter weather and excellent noise control is to switch to a steel sheet construction. The closed roof with large windows and a fully sheathed underside provides passengers with an optimal view, as well as a bright and excellent atmosphere. Compared to the previous generation 3-series convertible, the rear side windows are now 30 percent larger, and rear visibility has improved by 38 percent.

With the closed top, the low roof line makes the shoulder line of the car the dominant side, again maintaining the impression of sporty elegance at all times. Since there is no conventional "B" rack, the feeling of riding outdoors can still be obtained by simply lowering the side windows. Approaching the rear rack, the "Hofmeister bend" is clearly visible - a traditional feature of BMW design. The rear window is a fixed glass with an electric rear window heater for safety and convenience.