When viewed from the side, the horizontal shoulder line prevails, which gives the new 3 series convertible a special style and elegance. Large wheel arches give the car a sporty and dynamic look from all sides. The elegant and dynamic look of the new 3-series convertible is further emphasized by the contour line that runs at the level of the door handles. The window sill at the bottom edge of the doors extends to the air intakes in front and behind.

This interaction of the car's lines and carefully modeled surfaces provides a striking three-dimensional effect, directing not only more light, but also the gaze of the viewer into the area around the rear axle of the car. This effect is really intentional, as the optical impression created reflects the real driving experience, since the new 3-series convertible, like all BMW, is equipped with rear-wheel drive for outstanding performance on the road.

The rear view of the car is equally sporty and elegant: especially with an open top, the new BMW 3 Series Convertible also looks chic. And although the contour line ends with blocks of taillights on each side, the shoulder line runs around the entire rear. The rear marker lights are divided into two parts and reach the luggage compartment lid. Horizontal LED light rods provide a stunning view at night, and a third brake light is integrated into the aerodynamic edge of the spoiler at the rear of the trunk.