Admiring glances accompany any convertible, especially if you are driving a BMW-640i. A trip in such a car is a therapy with positive emotions, when you can feel the summer with a warm breeze and bask in the sunlight. Your friends, acquaintances, relatives will remember the moment when you drive up in a car with a folded soft, multi-layered fabric roof.

The dynamism of the elegant silhouette is emphasized by the slight aggressiveness of the elongated and beveled headlights, black air intakes in the bumper, a branded radiator grille divided into two halves, with a logo in the center. The long hood gives impetuosity to the whole appearance, and the relief lines flow smoothly along the entire length of the body

The convertible has a powerful engine, modern electronics, safety and comfort systems, comfortable bucket seats.

The presence of a polite professional driver will allow you to fully enjoy the walk without worrying about safety on the road and the safety of the car when you go to a business meeting or a family celebration.