Here is the most modern car that Mercedes-Benz has ever produced. The S-class is no longer just about comfort, sophistication and performance. This model also gives priority to electrification, digitalization and communication. There has never been such a luxurious salon at the boardroom level.

Here's a luxury sedan that measures everyone else. This Mercedes S-Class has become even smarter to use, but its real advantages still lie in comfort and sophistication.

The design of this seventh-generation model, although it has clearly undergone significant changes, remains intentionally conservative. A bolder grille surrounded by more angular LED headlights, which can now be equipped with the latest technology of the brand "Digital Light". And the thinner taillights reproduce the look we've already seen in the large 4-door executive coupe CLS. The dimensions of the w223 have grown - by 34 mm in length, 55 mm in width and 12 mm in height, because the space in the back seat is even more important in this car.