Snacks, Cocktail in a limousine for any holiday

No holiday can do without a cocktail, snacks and champagne. At the moment, the original fourchette in a limousine is a great way to have a good time and try out different canapes while traveling through the streets of a beautiful city. Snacks in a limousine are suitable for any holiday, wedding or birthday, corporate or hen party. Imagine how happy the children are to light and bright snacks if you rented a car for a children's party!

A canapé in a limousine is a great way to brighten up a holiday for your friends, especially since few people think about buying a meal in a limousine. In this case, if you order a buffet table, you do not have to look for easy snack options on the road.

The menu of a cocktail reception in a limousine:

In order to organize a cocktail reception in a limousine, a variety of canapés and a variety of cold starters will be available.

The menu for a delicious buffet table includes:

- Canape with salmon, turkey, cheese, cold boiled pork;
- Rolls of eggplant and ham;
- Mini sandwiches;
- Tartlets;
- Patties;
- Ptifur;
- Fruit Vase
 Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of food. When ordering a holiday on a turnkey basis in our company, all meals will already be in the limousine on black or gold trays in paper boxes.