Yacht rental in Moscow and the Moscow region without/with the captain


Carver 41 CMY Carver 41 CMY Carver 41 CMY Carver 41 CMY Carver 41 CMY Carver 41 CMY
200 000 ₽/d | 10 000 ₽/Hr
Azimut 62s Azimut 62s Azimut 62s Azimut 62s Azimut 62s Azimut 62s
27 000 ₽/Hr | 400 000 ₽/day
Majesty 66 Majesty 66 Majesty 66 Majesty 66 Majesty 66
30 000 ₽/Hr | 450 000 ₽/day
Aicon 56 Aicon 56 Aicon 56 Aicon 56 Aicon 56 Aicon 56
24 000 ₽/Hr | 360 000 ₽/day
Azimut 21m Azimut 21m Azimut 21m Azimut 21m Azimut 21m Azimut 21m
30 000 ₽/Hr | 450 000 ₽/day

    A yacht is certainly a dream that we used to be able to see only on cinema screens or which blinded us from the covers of glossy magazines, but now this dream is becoming more and more accessible to the ordinary man in the street. There are more and more reasons to rent a yacht in Moscow, it can be a wedding or a photo shoot, a romantic walk, a corporate party, a business meeting with business partners or an explosive party, any event that is held on a yacht is sure to be remembered for a long time, because the picturesque views and fresh air are dizzying.

    Renting a yacht with a captain can be one of the most unforgettable emotions for you and the warmest memory, because this colossal feeling of freedom, and at the same time privacy, will allow anyone to feel like the king of the world.

    A yacht trip with a skipper along the Moscow River can open your favorite city from a completely new side, from noisy and bustling it will become picturesque and quiet, because there are a lot of picturesque places in Moscow and the Moscow region, reservoirs, cozy coves and islands, a walk through these places will allow you to feel like a pioneer.

    Yacht trip with crew on the Moscow River and the Moscow region

    The cost of renting a yacht along the Moscow River and the Moscow region directly depends on the route and the number of invited guests, we will be happy to help you choose the best route based on the amount of time you have, the number of guests and budget. The water area of Moscow includes four locks, while in order to be in the center you need to go through three locks.

    On average, a walk through the center of Moscow takes about 4-5 hours, this is an ideal option for both guests of the capital and local residents to see all the sights from a completely unusual side for themselves.

    A walk in the city limits and to the reservoirs of the Moscow region will last about 8-12 hours, after passing all the locks you can enjoy active water recreation and the most picturesque views.

    Our advantages

    We really appreciate your time, so you can be sure that your yacht will be waiting for you at the appointed time at the appointed place.

    Professionalism of the crew
    Professionalism of the crew

    On the yacht you will be met by a professional and friendly crew who are ready to work even with the most demanding customers.


    We have been trusted for more than 10 years, hundreds of satisfied customers are our best business card. We guarantee the individuality of each event that we organize, which is why they come back to us again and recommend us to friends.

    Perfect technical condition
    Perfect technical condition

    Your safety is very important to us, so we are very concerned not only about the professionalism of the crew, but also about the technical condition, our yachts are absolutely reliable and safe.

    Rent a yacht for a day, a month and for traveling in Russia

    Fans of longer-term trips can go on a yacht trip to Russia. It is quite a secluded and pleasant kind of holiday. Such a trip is an ideal opportunity to break away from the everyday hustle and bustle and admire the ancient cities, you can also organize an excursion yourself with an inspection of all historical monuments and objects, as well as appreciate all the charms and beauties of Russian nature.

    The absolute plus of such a holiday is that you choose the speed of the route with all its stops, but if you need help in drawing up a route, we are happy to do it.