Rent a car with a driver in Moscow


Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213 Mercedes w213
2 500 ₽/Hr
Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach Maybach
5 000 ₽/Hr

Car rental with a driver is one of the most popular in our company. Heavy traffic and a dense flow of vehicles require constant attention and the ability to quickly respond to difficult road situations. Most cars have an on-board computer, multimedia system, climate control, and other functions so that the passenger can relax in a comfortable chair when getting to a place, or work on the road. In addition, renting a modern car, for example, a Mercedes AMG, will unobtrusively emphasize your status, and the long driving experience of our employee will allow you to quickly and comfortably get to any place.

For what purposes is it necessary to rent a car with a driver

We suggest choosing a comfortable car with a driver if you do not want to sit behind the wheel, do not have a driver's license or you do not know the metropolis of Moscow well. Many people prefer to transfer control to a professional who skillfully drives a car, is well-versed in different places of the capital and the Moscow region, knows how to avoid traffic jams, is polite, tactful and observes the dress code corresponding to the event.

Rent, when the car is driven by a professional, is in demand in many cases:

  • At the wedding. An elegant car will allow the bride and groom to effectively appear in front of the audience, will be an excellent backdrop for a photo shoot, will take guests home after the holiday. Rent will allow you not to refuse toasts or worry about how to get everywhere in time. To transport a large number of invited guests, you can rent a minibus. In addition, driving a limousine or a luxury car with a long base will require certain skills and experience, especially in parking areas.
  • Extract from the hospital. In order to meet with dignity from the maternity hospital and bring the mother and baby home, it is better to order a vehicle from us and entrust the management to a real master. Parents will be able to pay full attention to a new family member, and a professional will take care of safety and comfort.
  • Transfer. Those who have flown to Moscow at your invitation will be satisfied with the meeting organized by the highest class. Our driver will meet them at the airport, help with their luggage, and if the flight is delayed, he will definitely wait and bring them to the pre-specified address.
  • Business trips. When going to negotiations with partners, it is important for investors to arrive on time. If you are going to attend several events in different places, we will help you plot the most optimal route, and you will be able to relax on the road or prepare for negotiations.
  • Such a rental is the best choice if your vehicle is temporarily out of order, and you need to travel a lot or you have arrived in an unfamiliar city.
  • Advantages of renting a car with a driver in Moscow
  • According to the lease agreement, you will receive exactly the version that you have chosen. Before departure, our employee will contact you a day in advance to coordinate the route, stops along the way.
  • You can take a vehicle (any class) for a few hours or for a long-term rental. While an experienced professional will be driving, you will be able to work, negotiate or just relax, comfortably arranged in a comfortable chair.
  • Public transport is inconvenient if you have to get to important events with transfers.
  • You can participate in a wedding feast, a buffet – you will not have to drive drunk.
  • Rental will help to save energy for work during the day, because a rather difficult road situation can really exhaust.
  • For country trips, you can choose jeeps for a family or a group of friends, and buses for excursions.
Our advantages

The vehicle will arrive at the address at a pre-agreed time without delay.

Big fleet
Big fleet

We have a variety of options at your discretion – from the budget version to the premium class and rare copies.


We cherish our reputation, which we have been building since 2009. Satisfied customers leave us positive feedback.

Car quality
Car quality

Before sending to the customer, the technical condition is checked, washing, cleaning of the interior is carried out.

Cost from 1,400 rubles / hour

Price per month from 120,000 rubles

Business and economy cars: from Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Nissan, Mazda, Volvo, Lincoln, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Excalibur, Ford (including Transit), Skoda Rapid and Octavia to luxury BMW, Mercedes (S-class: w222 and W223, E-class: e-200, e-213, roomy: Sprinter (sprinter), Vito, Viano (Viano)), Lexus, Infiniti, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari.

The order of ordering a car with a driver

First of all, you should determine the desired brand, model on the site using a filter and sorting. Hourly payment from 1,200 rubles / hour. Customers can send a request by e-mail or via messenger. A personal manager will provide detailed information, agree on the date, the full rental period, and answer additional questions. He will tell you how to book and pay the rental price, what promotions are valid.